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Responsibility in FM

The owners, as well as the tenants of buildings and facilities are responsible for their safe use. They are responsible for the health and safety of their own employees, clients, and guests.

These responsibilities and the large risks related to them, have to be known by every facility manager, administrative director and last but not least - the persons in charge.

The goal is to protect the life, health, freedom, and property of everyone and the challenge is the need for knowledge and skills in diverse sectors and professional areas: law, technologies, organization, and documentation.

The questions are numerous and diverse:
  • What laws, ordinances, and other norms exist and who is their subject?
  • What are the related responsibilities of the owner, the tenant, or the service company?
  • How should all regulations be implemented - in technical, economic, organizational, and documentary procedures?
  • What are the responsibilities of each participant in this process for controlling the partners?
  • What are the specific actions that result from these obligations and responsibilities?

If you want to receive answers to these and other similar questions related to the legal side of the facility management, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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