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The demand of sustainable buildings in Europe is growing steadily and has been picking up over the last years. What are the reasons for this development?

Political encouragement leads to strict regulations in the European Union to reduce energy and resource consumption. Since the built environment is responsible for about 30% of the CO2 emissions, 40% of the primary energy needs and 50% of the waste generated, a strong focus lies on the construction sector in order to fulfill the ambitious goals of the European governments.
Studies of leading real estate investors and consulting institutions show a growing interest not only in “green” but in sustainable buildings including ecological, economical and social aspects to ensure a holistic approach. Most investors believe to profitable market sustainable buildings in the future through reduced operational costs.

The importance of sustainable buildings is manifested in the great interest of tenants. Numerous companies will only move into “green” spaces and are willing to pay higher rents even though the additional costs exceed the savings from the operational costs.
Therefore the need for a marketing instrument to outline the qualities of the built environment exists.

Through the possibilities of building certifications such a need can be provided. The advantages of those certifications reach from the possibilities to transparently present proof of the construction´s sustainability, efficiently help to reduce operational costs up to assuring needs and qualities demanded by the user.

The European Union is even discussing to implement building certifications as mandatory prerequisite to acquire benefits in financing.

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